European Astronaut Reunion took place in Sopot April, 25-27 th . Twelve renownedastronauts accepted our invitation to join the reunion: general Mirosław Hermaszewski, Jean-Pierre Haigneré and Michel Tognini (France) Claude Nicollier (Switzerland) Helen Sharman (the UK) Franz Viehböck (Austria) Ernst Messerschmid, Ulf Merbold, Klaus-Dietrich Flade and Reinhold Ewald (Germany) Paolo Nespoli, Italy; Dumitru Prunariu (Romania) and Wiktor Sawinych, (Russia). The agenda of the reunion included the presentation of Poland and the promotion of the Pomeranian region internationally. As part of the event the guests visited multiple sites, among them the Museum of the Second World War, the football stadium Energa and the Port Władysławowo. To commemorate the reunion, the guests planted trees in the park of the astronauts in the Forest Botanical Garden Marszewo in Gdynia.