Each of us had once looked at the stars and wondered whether there was life in the space. However, until now only one Pole had gone into outer space and looked at the Earth from above. My Space Story Foundation is a passion project and a continuation of the work started by Stefan Cichowski, a young student who dreamed of space, and who in November 23 rd invited five astronauts from different parts of Europe to come to Poland.

The main task of the Foundation is to establish a dialogue between the history of space travels, modern space technologies and the passion of young people. The strategy and actions set out by the Foundation were created together with the space agencies and the astronauts themselves.

The aim of the foundation is to popularize the knowledge about the space through informational, educational and R&D activities and projects. The Foundation also aims at fostering networking between companies and start-ups from the space sector and experienced astronauts. We implement and manage projects at the local, national and international scale.