Reach for the Stars!

Reach for the Stars!

This summer, the Foundation, in collaboration with the project sponsor, the Orlen Foundation for Pomerania, prepared a project for children and youth consisting of two pillars: social education and sports activation.

The first stage of our initiative was to build proper attitudes toward children with socio-motor limitations. We aimed to reinforce correct social behaviors because we believe that acceptance is the key to building self-confidence.

The next stage of our initiative was sports activation. As part of this pillar, we organized day camps and residential camps for children and youth from social assistance centers, children's homes, and other school and educational institutions.

We organized these camps in the Pomeranian region, where children had access to fresh air, forests, and the sea. We wanted as many activities as possible to take place in a group setting outdoors, allowing young people to take a break from computers and phones.

Participants engaged in activities such as soccer, running, volleyball, bowling, artistic workshops, and many others.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the project sponsor and everyone who participated in the organization of this initiative. We are delighted that once again we have created a space for children where they could safely learn independence and explore new sports.

We invite you to view the photos from the sessions below.

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