LOTOS Safety Academy

In connection with the return of children and young people to schools and the increase in accidents on the roads, the My Space Love Story Foundation, in cooperation with its Strategic Partner, LOTOS GROUP, has come out with a new project: ‘LOTOS SAFETY ACADEMY’. This time, we focused our attention on the safety of all traffic participants. The goal of the Foundation was to raise awareness and deepen the knowledge about road participation and safety, as well as about first aid. We also wanted to encourage young people to follow correct role models through creative and innovative educational methods. We would like to establish permanent cooperation with schools for the purpose of preventive action and popularisation of the topic of road safety not only among young people, but also their parents. The event took place on December 11 and was aimed at children and adolescents aged 5-15 from Municipal Social Welfare Centres. The project included the following activities: Children had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a four-wheeled vehicle for the first time - a go-kart. The classes were held under the guidance of the best coaches, and the children were first taught about the equipment, some theory and the history of the sport. Then they had a chance to ride on the track. It is a great start for the youngest drivers to instill in them the right habits when it comes to driving four-wheeled vehicles. We also organised a meeting with a safe driving instructor, who talked about everything we should know about the road behaviour of both pedestrians and drivers. He described correct road behaviour and gave suggestions on how not to behave and what to watch out for and pay attention to on the road. We constructed a small traffic town to educate children from an early age and teach them appropriate behaviour in traffic. The participants had the opportunity to learn how to apply the road safety rules on their own, and were assisted by a member of the police service, who thoroughly explained the laws and rules of the road. There was also no shortage of surprises, and one of them, a certainly very inspiring one, was a meeting with a motorsports racer, who talked about his life story, encouraged the kids and proved that dreams do come true, and that everything is possible. He also talked about his motorsports adventures and gave some valuable tips. There was also a first aid workshop, the purpose of which was to develop the right attitudes in children and young people and prepare them in case of a life-threatening situation in which they would have to carry out a rescue operation. Thanks to this, they learnt how to properly respond by remaining calm, provide first aid and take care of their own safety and that of the injured person. There were also contests on knowledge of road behaviour and regulations with the opportunity to win prizes. An important aspect of the project is that we offered practical classes, where one could understand and learn the rules of the road through experience. The participants were also provided with items such as vests and multiple reflectors that will make them more visible on the roads. We hope that the participants gained a lot of valuable knowledge, proper behaviour patterns, as well as plenty of fun and laughs. Thank you to all the partners and patrons who made this event possible!

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